Apr 29, 2008

Can I call this Soup ?? Maybe..

I made a Mutton(goat meat) Biryani few days back. For the Biryani, I cooked the marinated mutton pieces with onions, garlic, ginger,spices, yogurt, tomatoes and biryani masala in a pressure cooker with a little water.
When cooked, there was a lot of liquid broth/gravy that I kept aside as it was too much for the Biryani.
Right then it dawned on me that this broth has all the goodness of the meat and flavour of all the spices and masalas that went it with it. So I decided to make a soup using this.

For the soup I used about 1/2cup of the broth/gravy mixture and diluted it with about 5cups of water.

This is how I went about it. I grated 1 medium sized zucchini in a pan, added 1/2cup of corn, and boiled it with little salt and water. Once boiled, I added the broth+water mixture to the pan and adjusted the salt. You can adjust the water as more or less depending on how thick or thin you want it. Meanwhile, when this comes to a boil, take 2 eggs and whisk lightly in a small bowl. Add this egg mixture slowly at a time and while continously stirring to the boiling soup mixture. Switch off the heat. Garnish with a lot of chopped cilantro( about 1/2cup) and close the lid.

P.S: I did not add any cornstarch for thickening, you can add if you want thicker consistency.
Also, add any other vegetables of your choice. I prefer grated vegetables to be used in it. Can get kids to eat it without much fuss.
Add pepper powder to increase spice level. I tried to keep it to the minimum.

In all, a nutritious and filling soup, and it sure was tasty and fragrant....So, next time I will make sure I have extra liquid/broth from cooked stuff :)..

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notyet100 said...

this looks yummy ,delicious,spicy...waan eat sorry drink now

Asha said...

Looks good, like Chinese Egg noodle soup!:))

Meera said...

Great idea. The soup looks so comforting.

Cynthia said...

Yes you can call this soup. I want mine with a nice chunk of crust bread too.

Jyothsna said...

Good idea. I'll make some extra broth the next time!

Divya Vikram said...

wow..looks delicious!

Pearlsofeast said...

Oh my god this looks great.Wonderful and nutritious soup.Zuchini is a great idea.

Sagari said...

soup looks heavenly

Meera said...

I have tagged you. Do if you like. :-)