Dec 12, 2007

Cooking Tips & Conversions

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I will be adding tips here as and when I remember them or get to know of new ones.

1. To heat the leftover idlis, wet a paper towel, wrap abt 3 idlis in the towel at a time and heat in microwave for about 20 secs. They will become like freshly steamed ones.
2. For perfect and easily scooped out ice-cream, keep a bowl of very hot water on the counter, dip the metal scoop in the water, take it off and quickly scoop out the ice-cream. Again, for the next scoop, follow the same procedure.

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Susan from Food Blogga said...

That is just so helpful. I should add something like it to my blog. Thanks for a great idea, Maya.

Meera said...

That's so handy, Maya. Wonderful tool really.

sagari said...

nice and very useful post

Maya said...

Thanx Susan, Meera & Sagari..
I myself need them the most, get really confused at times :)..So thgt wuld be good, if its in here for reference..Glad u liked the idea..

Purnima said...

Maya..innovative to post it..i have kept an online conversion chart handy! great tips that you have posted!

nirupamasundar said...

maya do u know how the famous jackfruit papad and red chilli papad is made in mangaslore, pl reply to my email or send a link

Maya said...

Hi Nirupama, Am sorry that your email is not available in your profile link, so couldn't send you out a mail. I do not have the recipe for the papads, but you can check here for Shilpa's recipies, she has the Red Chilli Udad papad. Maybe it will be helpful to you. Let me know..