Jul 22, 2008

Leftover Pakodas and I Hate...

A great tip from a friend which turned out to be an excellent chaat/snack for us with some leftover pakodas. After a potluck the other day, we were all wondering what to do with a whole tray of leftover pakodas. One of my friends gave us all this idea.

This is what she said : Just slice some onions very finely, spread them over the pakodas, sprinkle lemon juice and some chaat masala and eat them like a snack. I tried her tip and must say it tasted really nice. Just make sure you use a generous amount of lemon juice and the chaat masala.

Also, Purnima had tagged me for this ' I hate- MeMe' quite sometime back. She probably must have forgotten about it too :D. Sorry Purnima, took me this long.

Just putting down randomly, these are a few of my Hates..

1. I hate to be so far-away from my parents and family and get to see them only once in a while.

2. I hate to see how lonely my son feels inspite of friends being there and having so many toys. I feel that he is missing out on the simple pleasures of life that we got to enjoy.

3. I hate it when I lose patience with my son, and have to be hard with him. Doesn't make me or him or anyone around a happy person :).

4. I hate Migraines. Makes me a handicap when I have one and can ruin many days in a row.

5. Hate it even more when I have to pop pills to get rid of the headaches.

6. I hate it when I am brave and hold up on the big things that upset me and then break down at the slightest thing and make a fool of myself.

7. I hate to see what poverty and hunger does to people.

8. I hate making decisions coz I'm really bad at them and fickle minded too, so you see, can't make up my mind sometimes even about the littlest things in life :).

9. I hate cereal for breakfast. I have tried many many kinds but nothing seems to go down my throat.

10. I just hate hate hate Good-byes. Yes, hate them that much. However much I prepare myself, just can't deal with them.

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Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

The snack with pakoras is a nice one... must be yummy with the chat masala..
Meme was a nice read...

Seema said...

Nice twist to left over pakodas! Way to finish them off, rather than wasting & trashing them.Interesting Meme...

notyet100 said...

somethin new to try...nice meme

Sagari said...

maya pakoda chat looks deleciousss

Uj said...

Lovely way to use up the pakodas.. your site has nice recipes..:)

Meera said...

The tip for using the leftover pakodas is really creative and simple.
interesting MeMe. I could relate to most of them.

ranji said...

oooooooo thats a lovely tip from ur friend maya..great way to have the leftovr pakodas...must have been even more flaorful..:)..enjoyed reading things tht u hate...

Gopal said...

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