May 27, 2008

Goad Aambaade Gojju/ Hog Plum chutney..

Goad Aambaade/Hog Plums have been a favourite of mine ever since childhood. Some of my aunts who knew this would make sure they would send us some whenever available in their homes. I would just like to eat it whole with a touch of salt. Its eaten raw, when it is bright green in color, and has a sweet and sour taste to it. The more bigger the fruit, the sweeter it will be ( atleast that's what I thought). It has a tough pith inside it, almost prickly as you get your teeth near it :D. So takes some patience to eat the whole of it. But its well worth it if you like that kind of taste.

So when I came across this a few days back in a Desi Store in the frozen section, I immediately picked up a pack. We make a few types of dishes also with it apart from eating raw, like Khol, and Gojjus.

The cut fruit looks like this

My mom makes 2 different types of Gojjus, this is one of them. This particular one tastes sweet, sour and spicy. I will post the other dishes also soon.


Goad Aambade/Raw Hog Plums - 4, cut into little pieces
Dry red chillies - 4
Jaggery - 3-4 tbsps
Fresh/frozen grated coconut - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste

- Cut the dried chillies into small pieces and crush them using the pestle to form a coarse mixture.
- Grind the chopped plums in a mixie to get a smooth paste. Put it in a non-stick pan and heat it on a low flame.
- Once it comes to a boil, add the jaggery, salt and crushed chilli and keep mixing everything well till it all combines together.
- Then add the grated coconut to the above, put off the flame and mix well together.
- Serve hot or cold as a side with rice and curry or enjoy just by itself.

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Purnima said...

Maya, this fruit is new to me! I know of amshey ambadey which amma uses in curries to lend a sour taste, ambadya gojju too I think she prepares, not sweet or goad ambadey! Tks for sharing!

notyet100 said...

whts the other nameof hog plum...?

Sia said...

maya, thats a lovely recipe. luckily we get fresh ambaades in carribean shops here. i had bought few for pickles and next time i need to buy them for gojju.

Asha said...

LOVE the Raspberry Kulfi! Slurp!!

Never heard of this veggie girl, new to me. Dish sounds great with spicy and tangy taste!:))

Purnima said...

Maya, need ur appointment..pls come over to my cyber home..Fantasy cooking..hee..there is a treasure for you dear!

ranji said...

never had hog plum b4...looks good..loved it

Uma said...

I too never heard of this veggie. Looks great and delicious.

Vani said...

Just posted a gojju recipe today! I'm trying to figure out what hog plum is. Your gojju sounds delicious! :)

Srivalli said...

never seen this one maya..thanks for sharing the pictures...looks good

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi first time to ur blog... loved all ur recipes. Hog chutney sounds new to me. Looks so good...

Meera said...

I called my mom to ask what ambado is. She told me that it's used in curries to impart sour taste and also used in gojju. not heard about goad ambado. thanks for sharing something new. will keep an eye on hog plum at the Indian stores. & then will pester u some more!!:-D