Mar 30, 2009

MeeryaKana Panak / A sweet spicy drink

This is a drink that is made in my home on Ugadi day. It looks simple to look at, but is packed with flavour with the pepper, jaggery & lemon all going in to make it something you keep wanting for more.


Black pepper corns - 1 tsp
Cardamom seeds - 1/2 tsp
Jaggery grated - 4 - 5 tbsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Water - 3 cups


- Blend the peppercorns and cardamom seeds with very little water ( 2 tsps or so).
- Now add this to all the rest of the ingredients mentioned and stir till the jaggery is dissolved.
- Ready to be served.

Note :
- We don't strain this before serving. The mixture settles at the bottom, so swirl the glass a little before taking a sip to get a little bit of everything in the sip.
- Leftover can be chilled in fridge.

This post goes to the event Think Spice- Think Pepper hosted by Divya of Dil Se. Thanks for hosting Divya.
Think Spice is an event started by Sunita.

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Asha said...

Slurp! Almost Sugar cane juice they sell in B'lore sidewalk. Looks great, I will make in Summer with loads of ice! :)

Suparna said...

Hi Maya,
Lovely healthy drink. I like the spicy feeling in the throat after drinking juices with merrya kan.. love the flavour too. nice click.

All the previous recipes and clicks are awesome ...loved the tomato chutney and cakes :)gava pittin undo is my favourite, they look so yummmm...great going Maya!Ugadi greeting to u!God Bless:)

Cham said...

Very different drink! Great for a sunny day!

A_and_N said...

I ditto Asha. I'm always looking for non alcoholic drink recipes, and this is perfect!

Meera said...

That's a lovely drink, Maya.

Pavithra Kodical said...

Great one for summer as well as winter as you have added black pepper..

Deepa Hari said...

Drink looks lovely and sounds great.

vidhas said...

Healthy and refreshing drink, surely try, it is hot here. Nice click

Happy cook said...

Never had this drink, looks yumm.

EC said...

Thats a nice drink for summers..

Ashwini said...

That is one yummy drinl..Slurp..Cant wait to make that..Nice for this summer.

Priya said...

Panakam on festive days was a must. I don't think we added peppercorns, the idea sounds good. Will try it out soon :)

Purnima said...

Maya, the snaps is droolofying..perfect syrupy n lovely morsels of pepper afloat! U made me nostalgic..used to have it at 'Teru' when in native also made it at my moms when cravings hit to have it..only addition in our side was soonthi..loved hv to make this! :D