Mar 19, 2008

Paej/Kanji/Ganji, simply a pleasure

This is something which I have grown up with as a child, during my summer vacations at my native. At my grandma's, there was a tradition of having Paej as a mid-day meal. Yes, breakfast would be done latest by around 7.30 am and then the Paeji Javan (Javan means meal in konkani)would be around 10.30-11 am. We used to have this with any of the side dishes or gravies which would be ready for lunch. We would sprinkle little salt over the Paej. Kids were forced to have this topped with ghee. I used to detest it then. But loved drinking the starchy water (called Nishe) from it and the delicious sides that accompanied it. I would opt mostly for Papads and pickles with it. I like Paej which is made with red boiled rice(Ukado Tandul)only...Somehow, can't eat the one which is made with regular white rice.
So, where did I get this rice from ?? Hahaha, I had carried 1lb of rice from back home when I went last time. I get these sudden pangs of eating this Paej sometimes, that my mom is aware of. And one of our relatives gave me this freshly milled rice. So my mom just insisted that I carry a little. I had completely forgotten about it, and then found it during a cleaning session. So, din't waste a chance. Am I crazy or what ;)??

This time I had it with Lentil and Mustard greens gravy and Lime-green chilli pickle. Yes, only me and my son, my husband doesn't even like to look at it, he says its food for patients. I don't even argue with him on it anymore, good for me, I get to eat more ;)...

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Asha said...

When I was living in Bantwal, I used to see this Ganji in my friend's house almost everyday! Never tasted it though.
My Mysore ajji used to make Ragi ganji sprinkled for Thatha, 'cause he didn't have any teeth! ;D

Maya said...

Oh wow, ragi ganji, even healthier :)..Have never tasted that..

Purnima said...

Maya..that tasty hot salted nisshey, wt ghee floating atop..oooh memories! though in mumbai we didnt follow the tradition of 11am pyaaj, we did hv our fair share of ukodo tandla pyeej!
I used to love wt any pickle, ghee n batatya upkari..hmmm heaven!!

Shilpa said...

Hey Maya...nice post,so nostalgic. I have the pics clicked too...but somehow it slips out of my mind :(.

There is a Kerala matta rice "palakadan matta rice" or "rosematta" available in Indian stores. Do try it sometime. Its exactly same like our peje tandul. I buy it from there and go back to pej when I am tired of cooking :D.

Seema said...

Paej - Maya i too like your husband assocaite it with Sick people!!! I dont like Paej & refuse to eat it even when sick :-) My Mils place night sometimes they make Paej, but know this Dil wont tuch it, so keep rice for me!!

Meera said...

I couldn't access this post yesterday. I loved those pictures. comfort food at its best. Wish I could just start eating. I love that ukda tandul as called in Marathi. I saw Rosamatta rice at Indian stores the other day. I was really tempted to buy it but it was a huge bag, wish they had smaller ones. I am the only rice lover in my family here.

Maya said...

Purnima, there you go, salt and ghee on hot nische, wht more does one want, rite ??

Shilpa, would love to read your post on Paej, do post it. Thanx for info abt tandul. Dint knw, will buy next time I need it :)..

Seema, you too?? Hmmn,I wonder why :(..

Thanx Meera, am just back after leaving a comment on your Pooda post. COmfort food indeed it is..

Sud said...

I love ganji! salt, ghee and mouth watering mango picle.. yum.

.. that part you mentioned about getting 1lb with you?

I got 10 pounds of with me a year ago. I finally ran out of them and replenished my stock. I found some Kerala Matta Red rice that looked similar to the one I got from India.

Was re-confirming if it's the same on google when i found your post. =)

Namrata Kini said...

Paej happens to be my comfort food. I agree with u...ukade tandulache paej is definitely better but I dont mind having the white tandul paej either.

Ashwini said...

Hi Maya!

Chanced upon your blog while hunting for Paej. I am yet to try Rosematta rice. This took me back to my good old days.