Jun 27, 2008

Malvani Kombdi/Malvani Chicken curry..

Some events going on are right for me to try dishes from other blogs. Today I tried this Malvani dish from Meera's blog. Making it was sure easy, why ?? The lovely Meera sent me her awesome masalas a few days back. To be precise, I now have the Goda Masala, Kolhapuri Masala and the Malvani Masala. The Malvani chicken that I tried yesterday came out so good, that I made it again today when my friends came over and they loved it too. Thank you dear Meera for your friendship and for being there :)..

I will just link to the recipe since I just followed it step by step. The only variation I did was that I cooked it in pan and not pressure cooker, following the steps that Meera had mentioned. As I said above that I made this curry twice, I made a very thick consistency of the gravy the first time( as the pics seen here ) and a normal slightly thinner consistency of the gravy the other time. Both times the curry was lipsmacking good :). See the recipe for Malvani chicken here. Two thumbs up for your recipe Meera :)..

I am sending this recipe to 'Chicken-My favourite' hosted by Vandana.
Thankyou for hosting Vandana.

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vandana rajesh said...

Thanks for this yummy chicken entry. Yumm....

Meera said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it, dear!! Thanks for trying.