Jun 30, 2008

Soi PoLe/Dosas with rice and coconut..

Another post today rushing in to Suganya for her 'AFAM-Coconut' event. Being a Konkani, there is hardly any dish for which we don't use coconut. So it was all the more difficult to think and decide what to make for this event. Well, since most of the time is gone in thinking and today is the last day, I went ahead and made these dosas with coconut, which we call Soi PoLe ( Soi meaning grated coconut and PoLe meaning dosas).

These are one the easiest dosas to prepare and very very tasty ones.


Rice - 1 cup
Fresh grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Salt - to taste
Oil - to fry


- Wash the rice and soak it in water overnight.
- In the morning, grind the rice, coconut and salt with water to a smooth batter.
- Add water to the batter to make it very thin consistency. It should be almost like watery consistency.
- Heat a non-stick tawa, when very hot, pour the batter over it. Since this batter is very thin, it will just flow and take its own shape. As much as possible, try to pour it such a manner that it takes a round shape.
- Drizzle oil over and on the sides and take it off the tawa when cooked on one side. This dosa should not be flipped and cooked on the other side.
- Serve with chutney or liquid jaggery.

Note :
- The more coconut you add to this dosa, the softer it becomes. So its good if you can add upto 3/4 cup of it.

- My mom usually serves this with the liquid jaggery which we get back home. At times when she runs out of it, she just melts the regular jaggery with a few drops of water and adds some elaichi powder to it and serves these dosas with it. So, this is what I have done too. Another way we have it in our home is with Loshni Chutney ( a coconut- garlic chutney).

So, off these go to Suganya. Thank-you Suganya for choosing this wonderful fruit.


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Asha said...

Looks so white and beautiful!:)

skribles said...

thts like neer dosa - i love this dosa - soft and lacy :) ur pic is really nice

Bhawana said...

this looks yummy Maya, I am still very bad in making dosa. will try thsi one.

Meera said...

They look so soft and delicious!! Yummo!!

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

I love these cononut dishes..Looks awesome!!