Feb 24, 2008

An Award for me-Thank You :)...

“Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

Yes, my very first award in the world of blogging. Am thrilled, excited and at a loss for words. The wonderful Meera of EnjoyIndianFood awarded me with this. I went to congratulate a dear blogger friend Purnima of FantasyCookBlog and saw her mention my name there too. Can't express enough of my heartfelt thanks to you both :)..Thanx So much Meera and Purnima :). What can be more encouraging than this ??

Some people who have influenced my blog and made it going or rather gave me the encourgement when I was apprehensive of starting a blog at all, I thought this award would make perfect sense to pass it on to them.

Well, now when I think of passing it on, I would like to exchange them with Meera and Purnima, as their names pop-up first, but then, they already have it.

I would like also like to pass this onto

Suganya of TastyPalettes
Arun of ArunShanbhag.com

Shilpa of AayisRecipes, Asha of FoodiesHope, HappyCook of MyKitchenTreasures and Deeba of PassionateAboutBaking are the people I would like to pass this on to also, but I see that I am late in doing so, as they already got it :)..

So thank you once again and this really boosts me up :)...

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Asha said...

Awards are raining everywhere this weekend!:))

Enjoy, nice logo to display to well deserved girl and thank you for thinking about me too!

Meera said...

Congratulations! You deserve that award. Something I felt right from the heart. Thanks for being a wonderful friend.

Dhivya said...

Congrats on ur award.u truely deserve them

Suganya said...

Maya, Thank you so much for this award. I am so glad to be honored.

Purnima said...

Maya,late again!! But all the same, CONGRATS!! U deserve it for Nicest Matters!! U hv been encouraging n ur authentic recipes, recipes on bread n bake all hv been truly inspiring! I hv to tell u that your colorful cookies are next on my list!! :D

vimmi said...

Hi Maya,

Congrats. Love ur blog.

Anonymous said...

COngratulations to you and finally folks realized you have such a great site! Keep up the great work!

And thank you mightily for thinking of me and honoring the work with your Award. Very thoughtful and generous of you.

I will figure out how to display this on my site! Yaay!

And hope all is well with your family!

Eskay said...

Congrats Maya. Way to go girl!

Maya said...

Asha, thanx so much and of course, least I could do was pass it on to you :)..

Meera, Thanx so much and the feeling is mutual :)..

Thanx so much Dhivya..

Suganya, Thanx so much and you truly deserve it..

Purnima, U r so encouraging always!! thanx so much dear, tht means a lot to me..

Vimmi, Thanx so much :)..

Arun, Thnx so much..This site wouldn't have been possible without your encouragement..Tht first step was the most imp and you helped me with it..Glad to pass it on you..