Feb 17, 2008

Chocolate and Cherry Cake..

Last week was the wedding anniversary of our very good friends. I wanted to bake something nice for them, but then was skeptical. Plus I had very little time also. I have been admiring Deeba's work with baking and all the goodies that she makes. I saw Purnima's lovely cake on her blog too. Upon my asking, both of them have been very nice and have given me their suggestions also. I had wanted to bake for some other occassion, but took on their inputs for this one. Thank you so much Deeba and Purnima both for the tips and more for the encouragement. So, I just went ahead and tried my hand at this cake.

For those of you who see it, it may look really plain and simple, but for me was a great achievement, coz I have never decorated a cake before. Although the finishing on the cake sides is not good and I messed up royally with the cream piping, I was very happy with what I made and was very glad that my friends were happy and they liked the taste of the cake too.

Since I was short on time, I just used a ready-cake mix of Funfetti sponge cake. With one pack, I baked 2 cakes of 8inch square and then sliced each cake into two and then layered them with a cherry-cream filling in between.
For both the filling and the chocolate ganache, I followed Deeba's recipe from here and here.

For the filling

Whipped Cream - 500 ml
Icing Sugar - 4 tbsps
Canned Cherries - 1 tin, chopped. I used a few of the Maraschino cherrries, a little of cherry pie filling and a few green candies cherries.
Reserve a few of the Maraschino cherries for placing on top of cake.

Method for filling

- Using electric beater, beat the whipped cream with the icing sugar till it holds peak.
- Take out about 3 tbsps of this in a ziploc baggie and keep aside.
- In the remaining cream, mix in the chopped cherries, about 2 tsps of pie filling anf mix well.
- I kept this in the fridge till use.

Chocolate ganache

Semi-sweet chocolate morsels - 200 gms
Heavy whipping cream - 200 ml

Method for ganache

- Put the chocolate morsels and cream together in a pan. Heat till the chocolate melts. Remove from heat and mix till it forms a uniform mixture.
- Keep aside till it cools down at room temperature. Be sure to cover the pan with a cling-wrap so that a film doesn't form over the ganache.

For the creamed piping on top and sides, I just used the ziploc bag in which I had reserved the extra cream.

I made shortcuts this time by cooling both the cake and the ganache in the fridge and put together everything after cooling.

Print this recipe


Suganya said...

Did you wear a dress with collar? Looks soooper :)

J Short said...

Wow! This cake looks so delicious. I've been trying to get into baking lately. I usually just cook for myself, but I find baking to be a nice stress reliever. I have not made my way up to being a cake decorator yet, I usually stick to the place and bake cookies. The instant cake mixes are the next step. That ganache looks and sounds wonderful. It seems pretty simple to make and would totally add that something extra for a cake. I'll have to try it.

Sagari said...

what a delecious looking cake maya

sowmya said...

simply superb and so tempting!!!I would be the happiest persom if I could decorate so well.
By the way thanks for dropping by my blog..and encouraging..still trying my hands on baking...

Uma said...

the cake looks delicious. Good one.

Purnima said...

The cake looks awesome with glazing ganache n equally glazing cherries atop!! The piping too looks like some new art work to me!! Doesn't look 'messedup' at all!! The layered piece looks tempting, inviting and cool!! (Ani tu bindaas post kaari!!)

Asha said...

That is a beautiful cake Maya. I could never write those so nicely!Great job!:)

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hey, the cakes look too tempting. It has really come out very well. Good work, maya !

Shilpa said...

Great work Maya...For a first timer, its tooo good. Wow... The writing has come out so nice. Even after baking so many cakes, I can't get that neat writing.
You should seriously consider joining those cake decorating classes and pursue this hobby...

Julie said...

That cake is so pretty when you cut into it, looks delicious.

Happy cook said...

Oh they looks so delicious. I want to have a huge piece.
Superb cake. Yummy

Meera said...

the cake looks beautiful. I am amazed to see how nicely you have written those words! I can never do that! It looks so cool. chocolate, cherries, white frosting, reminds me of black forest cake. You have done an awesome job. Your friends must have been really happy.

vibs said...

Just looking at the cake has made my mouth watery ,
so wish i could have been able to taste it too :-)

Dhivya said...

delicious cake maya...2day is my anniversary..can u parcel this to me..i am drooling here...

vimmi said...

You have decorated the cake so beautifully. I am sure your friends must have been thrile. Especially liked the way the you have written Happy Ann. its so neatly done.

Cakespy said...

Now this is LOVE! Wonderful work!

Purnima said...

Came back to show my 3 yr old -she loved it..absolutely n ur writing is very very pretty!!! :D Cho-Che Cake!

Maya said...

Suganya, Thanx ;)..

JShort, thanx for visiting my blog. Yes, the ganache is really simple and the cream too..Do try it :)..

Thanx Sagari and Uma..

Sowmya, Do try..Am still nervous and havent tried any kind of frosting, but this one tht I did was really simple.

Purnima, Thnx, I'm grinning here ;)..U are so sweet, you even got ur daugther to look at it. You really inspire me :)..Thanx go..

Asha, Thanx so much. Ya, I was sceptical as to how the writing will turn out. But thankfully, went OK..

Anamika, thanx, U knw I keep looking at ur gorgeous cakes ;)..

Shilpa, I look at your work and admire you. Thanx so much for your comment and yes, I am considering the Wilton classes :)..

Thanx a lot for stopping by and leaving ur comment Julie..

Happy Cook, here you go, a big piece, just for you :)...

Thanx so much Meera..Yes, my friends were very happy. Thats all tht matters, rite ?

Thanx so much Vibs..I wish you could take a bite too ..

Divya, I left a comment in ur blog :)..

Thanx Vimmi :)..Yes, they liked it..

CakeSpy..Thanx for stopping by and leaving ur nice comment..

jac said...

looks great !! my kids loved to see the cherries. nice for first attempt

Nikunj Vasi said...

Hey, Wonderful cake...

Congrats for the award dear !!
Check Meera's site for ur award !!

Vaishali said...

This cake looks absolutely professional. I wonder, if I'd ever be able to make this!!