Mar 29, 2008

Bhel with Masalya Pitto..

My mom usually makes this quick bhel at home whenever we long for something spicy and chatpata in the evenings. I had mentioned in an earlier post that we use the Masalya Pitto/Phova Masala for a variety of things. It finds its use in this bhel also. Try it once with this powder and you will know what I'm talking about. With this powder on hand, all you need is some Puffed rice (Chirmuro) and some readily available ingredients at home and you get to enjoy a fresh and crispy bhel.


Puffed Rice (Chirmuro) - 3 cups
Onion, medium - 1/2, finely chopped
Tomato, medium - 1, chopped
Masalya pitto - 1-2 tsp ( depending on how spicy you like it )
Grated fresh coconut - 1/4 cup
Cilantro - a little, finely chopped
Salt - to taste
Sugar - 1/2 - 1 tsp
Shev - for topping (optional)


- Mix all the ingredients together except the puffed rice.
- Just before serving, add the puffed rice and mix well and serve. Sprinkle some fine Shev on it for extra taste.

Can't get any simpler than this hanh ??

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Meera said...

Delicious!! This is what we call "Charmurya upkari" - little different but almost same. I have a draft ready too. Will blog our version soon. Looks so good...Drooling!:-)

Sagari said...

Delecious bhel maya

Purnima said...

Wahhhh! Kya baat hai..kya bhel hai!
Hey my mum used sambhar powder to flavour it at home, we were 95% inclined on eating stall wala bhel..:D Yours surely looks colorful n tasty!!

Madhavi said...

Hi Maya,

Nice recipe, looks very good :))

Seema said...

Thats nice...Need to make this Masalya Pitto & keep :-)

Vandy said...

Maya, Looks like a nice recipe! Great to find you here. :) Seema, is a close friend and a regular blogger on your site. We met for dinner today. She mentioned you.. so couldn't wait to visit your blogspot. :).. If you have'nt guessed by now....

Jj said...

Looks wonderful! :)

Cynthia said...

I've never had puffed rice.