Aug 26, 2008

Tried & Tested- Watercress with Chickpeas

As I was looking through the recipes to try out from the great duo, Jai & Bee at Jugalbandi, for the Tried & Tested event, I actually came to bookmark quite a long list and then it was quite challenging for me as to which one to try first.

I had never cooked watercress before and when I saw it combined with Chickpeas in their recipe, I thought it was a must try for me.

The verdict...An absolute winner this dish is..We had it with rotis and it was just wonderful..

Thankyou Bee & Jai and your site just rocks with all the informative articles and the mind blowing photograhy, not to mention your sense of humour...

I followed the recipe as is, except that instead of the mentioned Kashmiri garam masala, I just used normal garam masala that I had.

You will find the recipe here.

Thank you Zlamushka, for hosting this event..

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SMN said...

looks nice.

Pearlsofeast said...

me too never tried making with watercress.Getting tempted,love the recipe.

bee said...

we rarely find watercress here. glad you could find it and try this dish, maya.

notyet100 said...

somethin new to try,,,looks so delicious,..

Sameera.. said...

Looks good and something worth a try !
Best Rgds,
Sam !

Meera said...

Looks wonderful. I have used watercress before but adding garbanzo is an awesome idea.