Dec 9, 2007

Haapla Chutney ( Papad Chutney )

We make this as a side with rice and curry. We call this Haapla( papad) chutney. It doesn't involve any grinding or anything. Just very simple, but very crunchy and appetising to the tongue and hardly takes any time to make. I like it a lot :)....


Papads, roasted - 4
Fresh grated coconut - 1/4 cup
Onion, finely chopped - 1 small
Green chillies, chopped - 1 ..This is optional
Salt - to taste

- Mix the grated coconut, onion, chilli and salt and keep aside.
- Roast the Papads, and crush them with your hands into the above and toss to mix well.
- Ready to eat.

Some points to note here
- Use roasted papads only for this, not the deep fried ones.
- Can use any variety of papads, like the ones with green chilli, red chilli or any other.
- Crush the papads in the coconut mix only when you are ready to start eating. If you mix early and keep, it becomes very soft and doesn't taste good.
- You can omit the grenn chillies from this, if u don't need so much spice.
- Add salt keeping in mind that the papad already has salt in it.

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Meera said...

Yum! I too blogged about it some time back. We call it kismoor. I like to use red papads for this! Delicious!! Thanks for sharing

sagari said...

nice papad recipe very new to me

Purnima said...

Hi Maya..yet another fave of my mother! She has to eat Kana-anga Happolu(Sweet Potato Happolu) raw or roasted with freshly scraped coconut!
The other ingr. are new to me in this particular dish..shall notify amma to make it for herself.
As Meera says..we too make Kismoori out of shallow fried karela which has raw onions,coconut scrapings and green chillies too!

Happy cook said...

It looks delicious, though i've never ever ate them.
Can imagine just eating them papad and coconut delicious

easycrafts said...

Its very new to me ...thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This is turning out to be a beautiful blog!
Love your recipes here!
Awesome. Keep up the great work.

and I love this Hapla kismoor!
Need to browse the recipes at my leisure and
Congratulations again on a beautiful blog!

and a Happy New Year!

Lilly mammamma said...

Hi Maya,
I make this "kismuri" with kara (chilli appalams) papad which is a Mangalorean pappad. Fast to make especially if sudden guests arrive.