Dec 24, 2007

Jam Cookies ..Happy Holidays !!!

After the class party cookies, it was turn to put some goodie bags for Divit's class-mates..What better for a kid than some jammy cookies. So, there I went on another adventure. It was the 4th batch which finally came out okay. Put a few of these in little bags and we put them in each kid's basket. I should have posted these long back, but took me so much time. So, a day before Christmas, here's wishing all of you guys Happy Holidays and a great year ahead :)....

I took a look at Remya's Nankatai and Namratha's Butter and Jam Cookies, before I made these.

All-purpose flour - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Butter, softened - 7-8 tbl spns, approx.
Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Strawberry preserves - 1/4 cup, approx.

- Mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and cardamom powder together.
- Keep adding butter little by little and knead to form a soft dough. Keep the dough aside for about half an hour.
- Make small round balls of dough, flatten very slighlty and make a slight indent with your finger and fill in that indent with the jam. Make others similarly with the rest of the dough.
- Place these on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper with a good distance between each of them.
- Bake in pre-heated oven at 350F for about 10 mins or till the edges are done.
- Take out from the oven and cool completely before storing.

P.S: Think I flattened them too much. They came out rather flat. Should have done very slightly. Will take care next time.

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Shilpa said...

They look beautiful Maya. Good job :)

Meera said...

That looks just delicious, Maya! The color contrast looks perfect for Christmas. I am sure Divit and his friends must be overjoyed! :-)

Sagari said...

maya cookies look beautifulllll and yummyyyyy

Archana Pritish said...

Hey.. goodie bags really looks so cute.. with these cookies.. Wonderful ha..!!

Cocoa said...

They look beyond delicious. I'm going to have to try making these. I'm a 14-year-old girl with a deadly egg allergy, but I love baking and food in general, so I was delighted these cookies don't require egg products! Usually things made without egg look and taste completely flat (I remember my preschool class spit out the cake my mother tried to make on my 4th birthday), but these look completely the opposite.

Ramya said...

Tried your cookies in microwave. Initially burnt two since I was testing the timing in microwave. But the second time figured it out perfectly and it turned out to be yummy.