Jan 22, 2008

Bangde Dhodak/ Mackeral Masala Konkani Style...

This is my Aayi's super-hit dish. So spicy that you can feel fumes coming out of ears if you are not the ones who can handle too much spice. Well, even as I think of it, my mouth starts watering :).

Traditionally, they spread a layer of fresh turmeric leaves(haldi paan) and cover the fish and masala completely and cook it, covered till done. Once you keep it on a simmered flame, there is no turning over the fish or any kind of mixing done. The aroma that the turmeric leaves give to the dish is unique and absolutely fantastic. My mom always keeps a stock of the dried turmeric leaves also, to be used for these and many other dishes. Alas, no turmeric leaves for me here. So I made it without the leaves. The whole flavour of the dish is from the turmeric leaves, the Teppal (Sichuan Pepper) and the Bhinda Sol ( dried Kokum).


Mackerals (Bangde), cleaned and cut - 3. I cut each one into 4 pieces.
Grated fresh/frozen coconut - 1/2 cp
Dried red chillies(I used the Byadagi variety) - 20, yes, thts not a mistake :).
Turmeric (haldi) powder - 1/4 tsp
Tamarind (2 big pieces)or preferably Bhinda Sol (dried Kokum ) - 3 pieces
Teppal (sichuan pepper) - 8
Salt - to taste


- Marinate the washed and cleaned fish pieces with salt for 5 mins.
- Grind the coconut, chillies, tamarind, and haldi together to form a semi-fine but smooth paste. What I mean by this is, the paste should not be very fine like for fish curries, but little coarse. Also, the ground paste should not be too watery.
- Spread a layer of the turmeric leaves in the pan (if using).
- Put the fish pieces and the masala all into the pan, along with the teppal pieces. Add salt also. (if using kokum instead of tamarind, add it at this point). Cover with another layer of the leaves.
- Cover the pan and cook on simmered heat till done.
- Serve hot.
- This goes best with rice and Loshni Thoy (dal tempered with garlic).

Some points to keep in mind with this dish:
- Don't keep turning the fish pieces or mixing the masala to cook. It will get done on the simmered heat as fish does not need much time to get cooked.
- If using kokum pieces, do not add tamarind pieces while grinding the masala.
- Do not add water to the pan when cooking. The water used while grinding the paste itself is enough.
- The dish is done when the water content is reduced to minimal or the masala looks almost dry and kind of reddish.
- This dish always tastes better the next day as the fish sits in the spicy paste and gets all its goodness.
- And be sure you drink some lassi or buttermilk after feasting on this spicy dish ;).

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Purnima said...

Maya..new dish to me, dhodhak of bangda! (This fish is dear to my mom,mil,fil) Whoa..that surely is a huge amount of teeksaani! btw loshey toy is also a new name to me! Loved the tips at the bottom!(Hey that blank pop-up still there)

rv said...

that is just so yummy :) i love fish and spicy fish makes it much more delicious:)

Asha said...

Masala on top looks yum, great recipe!:)

Happy cook said...

Yummy i like really spicy tasting dishes

Seema said...

Looks great.. with rice & thoy, i am sure its superb.. can i come over for dinner?

Meera said...

I haven't eaten this doddak but i think i can eat the whole thing up. and then lick the pot!!!:-D i know exactly what u mean when u wrote 20 it's not a mistake --- that's what most of my recipes are....i would call mom, to ask are u sure??? :-)
though dont make the same curry we do add turmeric leaf in bangda curry if available. what flavor. and also one more turmeric leaf goes in the boiling plain rice. heaven!!! i am really really really drooling! :-D

Maya said...

Hey Purnima, yes, its packed with spice. Try it sometime. Have posted the Thoy too, take a look when u can..

Rv, thts rite, spice takes fish to a new level ;)..

Thanx so much Asha..

oh yes, happy cook, spice is gooooood..

Seema, most welcome :)...

True Meera, sometimes have to double check the quantity of chillies mom mentions :). Ya, can go on and on about the haldi pan uses I think rite ??

vimmi said...

Youa re so lucky that u get bangdas. Here i have yet to see them. Love goan food. my husband is from goa. Never had this dish though