Jan 2, 2008

Fish Fry..

This is the first time that I cooked the Smelt Fish. It reminded me of the Belanji (in Konkani ) back home, which is my favourite in any form, either fried, or in a curry. So I thought of trying them. And though it doesn't taste much like the Belanji fish, it tastes pretty good when fried. I made the fish fry to go with a Rice and Loshni Thoy ( Dal with garlic tadka ), which is one of the best things to go with fish fry.

I will just give the explanation on how to do this, coz you need to adjust the ingredients as per your taste levels.


- Clean the fish. Apply salt and keep aside for about half an hour.
- Make a paste with red chilli powder, tamarind water, haldi powder.
- Apply this paste generously on the fish and keep for atleast 15 mins. After applying this paste you can freeze the fish also and take out when you need to fry it.
- Then roll each fish piece on all sides in sooji rava and shallow fry on tava by applying oil.
- Serve hot.

P.S : These types of small fish tastes better when fried a little more, that is a little crispier. We say Churchuri in Konkani :)...

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Srivalli said...

Hi Maya...what a beautiful blog you have here...surprised I haven't seen your blog till now....

that fish looks great...and your other index rocks...dish out authentic dishes ...will be glad to learn them!

Asha said...

Looks yum! When we used to visit our friends in Pane Managaloru, her mom used to fry this dipped in rice flour. Although I am not fond of fishy smell, I used to eat this!:D

Meera said...

I am not kidding, but I am drooling, Yaar! This is not fair. Gosh! I want it, right now!!:-)

Meera said...

I forgot to mention yesterday. udgas naa go! but when I read about "loshni Thoy" in your post, wanted to share about the garlic - monthly spice event at Sunita's world.